can a science person confirm that clades go in order of [x]-morpha, [x]-formes, [x]-ia from basal to more derived? (e.g. Crocodylomorpha —> Crocodyliformes —> Crocodylia) 

because if that is actually a rule or a regular thing, I’m gonna kick myself for not realizing until just now

I’m having trouble articulating a feel and maybe somebody who’s thought more coherently about this feel can help. it’s about wealth and probably class and power and it’s weird

I think I’m really uncomfortable with something that I can only describe as ‘displays of wealth’ but I don’t think it’s just that. something about extreme extravagance and - in any practical sense of the word - wasting money, for show, just unsettles me to my core in a weirdly emotional way

e.g. the repeated line in Jurassic Park about ‘sparing no expense.’ for some reason, no matter how many times I watch the movie, that line makes me incredibly upset and uncomfortable and… sad? I don’t know if it’s really sadness or discomfort but just the sense of all that wasted money to no end other than a failed attempt at spectacle just makes me feel… bad. in a very direct way, not even in a “think of what better good that money could have done somewhere else” kind of way.

and right now I’m reading about the Three Kingdoms of Korea for an archaeology class and there’s this kind of lavish description of these incredible crowns made of gold sheets and gold wire to hold these tiny intricate gold leaves and piece of jade and it describes how “the shimmering crowns would have made a splendid and impressive sight” and I’m upset by that for some reason.

I don’t know why. just thinking about the labour and the expense and the richness gets me worked up. and there’s almost a desperation to it, but I don’t really empathize per se because like, it’s not like I feel bad that these kings and emperors were trying really hard to impress foreign diplomats or whatever. I just have confusing feelings about wealth I guess, and I’m wondering if anybody else kinda knows what I’m getting at, and maybe can say it in better words?