every time I check the reptiles canada classifieds there’s the same 2013 bredli python being listed again. bredlis are just so gorgeous and I wish somebody would buy her so I could stop seeing that ad over and over because seriously I would in a heartbeat if I could



@fimbry said: I don’t mind bad quality videos! Post away!

Here’s going down the little boa rack.  Next time I try this I’m going to tape the camera to my extendable banner frame so it hopefully doesn’t jiggle as much haha.  I video’d the big guys too but it was too dark and so jiggly I got nauseous watching it so they’ll be next round.

The room light starts out pretty decent up top and then gets grossly yellow and dull by the time I reach the bottom.

A few of these guys are in shed - the colubrids won’t usually eat and so I don’t offer while in shed, but the boas will so I offer a smaller meal.  They also usually don’t miss but tonight I had a few stray strikes, probably because of me trying to record and feed while watching through the camera.